More On Evangelical Catholics Print
Thursday, 26 April 2007 11:03

Written by Keith Strohm

John Armstrong has a fascinating analysis regarding "evangelical" Catholics from an evangelical perspective:

The word evangelical has been variously misunderstood and disowned by Roman Catholics. The reason for this is not hard to understand. Catholics remember the reactions of fundamentalists and they watch evangelical Christian television and find it most unattractive and, at times, anti-Catholic. But the word originates from the Greek word for gospel in the New Testament (euangelion). It has always been a word that described those whose lives were transformed by the good news. This is why the Protestant revivals produced new "evangelicals." (By the way, there have been real Catholic revivals as well, as scholar Jay P. Dolan has made abundantly clear!)

I believe Catholics should help us reclaim the right use of the term evangelical. This word can be reclaimed, in a new time and with new meaning, if we both recognize it as a way to express the transformation that is brought about by believing the gospel of Jesus Christ. And if we are committed to proclaiming this message, in word and deed, then we have a common basis for a true ecumenism in a world that needs a strong Christian witness from all churches.

I found the entire article to be fascinating. Check it out here!

Hat Tip: Deep Furrows