New Catholics in Oregon Print
Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 12 April 2007 06:18
There are 900 new Catholics in Oregon this week. This story focuses particularly upon one family who who had been devestated when their bright 16 year old daughter was reduced to being "a blind and brain-damaged girl who will require round-the-clock care the rest of her life. A potent virus had invaded the girl’s body."

“We changed from a family planning spring break vacation to four lost souls huddled together feeling as if we’d mistakenly been put on house arrest,” Shelly Buell says. “We never thought it was possible to feel so frightened and alone.”

Holly requires two people to tend her and Buell wants one family member to be with her most of the time. Vance is the busy breadwinner and daughter Chelsea is making her own way in the world. That leave Buell to be caretaker.

Shelly sent out to "find a spiritual survival kit that I can count on to get me through 40 years in the desert.”

Continue to remember and pray for all who entered this Easter.