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Tuesday, 03 April 2007 21:10
This story comes via Lausanne World Pulse, April edition:

It is a phenomena that most of us aren't aware of, but there are millions of Christian "believers" (they may or may not be baptized) around the world who gather together in isolated groups around radio broadcasts.

David Barrett, the guru of world Christian statistics, estimates that there are 9 million people are part of "radio churches" in India, for instance. There are also huge number of "radio churches" in China.

Here is a story of a "radio church" that is rather closer to home: the border between Mexico and Guatemala.

adio Impacto, a small, 1,000-watt FM Christian radio station in La Mesilla, Guatemala, is also planting churches.






“Our goal is to reach Chiapas state [in southern Mexico] with the gospel,” said Christian Villatoro, pastor of the fast-growing Twelve Pearls Evangelical Church and general manager of the radio station. “It’s difficult to do ministry in Mexico and almost impossible to put a Christian radio station there. So we decided to focus our broadcasts to that audience.”

To do that, Radio Impacto incorporates Mexican music and invites pastors from Chiapas state to appear on the air regularly. In Mexico, it is illegal for a radio station to be owned by a Christian organization. Villatoro knows that the broadcasts are bearing fruit.

“Three years ago a listener traveled all the way from his small town in Mexico to visit me here in Guatemala,” Villatoro said. “He told me that he was Roman Catholic but had doubts about his faith. I invited him to my house and two hours later he accepted Jesus Christ. Today, in his town, there is an evangelical church and a growing number of Christians.”

Villatoro says that someone from Radio Impacto visits that town every eight to ten days to provide training and discipleship and help the new church grow.

Villatoro says that thirty percent of Guatemala is considered to be evangelical, but in his town the number reaches thirty-five percent of the population. In contrast, the evangelical population in Chiapas is about nineteen percent."

Radio Impacto is being assisted by HCJB (headquartered here in Colorado Springs, naturlich!) a global missionary radio network.

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If we don't evangelize our own, someone else will do it for us - through the airwaves.