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Friday, 27 April 2007 14:27

Written by Keith Strohm

From an ID Reader:

I am a big fan and daily reader of the Intentional Disciples blog and I have what I think they call a "bleg" for you and the other readers... I have just been hired at a parish to join their faith
formation team. They are a Generations of Faith parish, and really are ahead of their time in terms of thinking ahead, wanting to involve the whole parish in catechesis and evangelization. The idea is I'm supposed to work with the pastor and the faith formation team to get the parish all on one page, catechetically- I'll be working with RCIA and Marriage prep and Baptism prep and sort of filling in the nooks and crannies which aren't traditionally considered to be
included in faith formation.

The reason I'm having trouble describing it is actually the nature of my bleg... we are inventing this position as we go along! So I'd love to hear from your readers; What would your readers call a position like this? What could my title be? What would you include in the job
description? Does anyone have a position like this in existence in your parish? Any helpful hints or ideas?

I won't use my real name because I haven't made the move yet... but I appreciate your help and look forward to reading on your blog if there are any answers forthcoming!