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Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 17 April 2008 16:32
Watching the Pope's meeting with inter-religious leaders on EWTN. At one point, leaders of the 5 different religious communities Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain were introduced one at a time as they came up to meet the Pope.

My eyes really got big when I thought I heard this:

"Bishop Jongmae K. Park of the Korean Baptist Taego Order"

The ultimate post-modern: A Baptist Buddhist Bishop!

But it was too good to be entirely true.

Apparently he is called a Bishop (Do Buddhists have "Bishops" or is this simply an westernized equivalent?) but he is not a Baptist.

He is the
Reverend Bishop Jongmae K. Park, Ph.D. from the Korean Buddhist Taego Order of
Los Angeles, California

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