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Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 09 April 2008 06:14
Colorado is quite a hotbed of Christian initiatives and organizations. But this story tickles me.

It's Everyday Joe's Coffee House.

Everyday Joe's is in Fort Collins up north near the Wyoming border. This is how they describe themselves:

..Everyday Joe’s desires to express the presence of the Living Christ in our community. Our means of doing this is a non-profit coffee house, where fantastic coffee and great live music are simply excuses to connect with people. We strive to be a sustainable, fully disclosed, environmentally & socially responsible business model that is an example to churches & secular organizations alike. We hope to be a picture of good stewardship, generousity, & community involvement. We dream of being a source of inspiration & hope to our community through the development of the arts. We strive to be a place where the disconnected can become connected. A place where community is fostered, personal relationships are created, & Love is shown... beginning with the best coffee east of Portland.

Everyday Joe's is run almost entirely by volunteers which enables them to give their profits away to local groups like Habitat for Humanity. They regularly have live music. A local congregation meets there on Sunday morning.

I've visited another Christian coffee shop in Portland, Oregon before - but it was less "emergent church" style, more standard evangelical. But it is a great idea.

Anyone know of similar Catholic endeavors?