Grass: The Movie Print
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 10 August 2007 06:25
The day has finally arrived. By noon, we should have a lawn in our backyard.

Those of you who thought that grass came with a house? Heh.

Not when you are smart enough to buy a 6 bedroom fixer-upper whose 1/3 acre backyard was trashed for seven years. It was a great deal. Honest. And to a former Seattlite who knew that she would never be able to own a walk-in closet in her hometown, it looked even better. Backed up against a lovely city park. Mountain views. A potential paradise. Potential being the operative word.

Potential is what reminds you to be nice to weight-lifting Dominicans and their friends who just might be looking to do some serious stone-hauling or digging.

Five years, three sessions with bull dozers, a 70 foot dry stacked stone wall, a 400 sf hand-laid patio, 1/4 mile of paths, and a high level do-it-yourself irrigation system later, we are about to summit. Grass.

It's not done. We need to plant at least 8 more trees, and fill the dozen or so beds with perennials and wildflowers. My wild flower and wild grass seeds arrived last night. I buy seeds by the pound and plants by the dozen since my flowerbeds tend toward the 4-500 sf variety. And I've got a dozen beds to fill.

Not to mention the shrubs and climbing roses and lilacs and silver lace vine to plant along the fence. And the water feature. And the deck.

But hey, today, we're doing grass.

Casa Siena is about to go green.

Rejoice with me.