On Making Disciples and the Best Opera Singer in Tulsa Print
Written by Sherry   
Monday, 06 August 2012 17:06

The always scintillating Master Tom of Disputations fame has a two part review of Forming Intentional Disciples that is a good and thoughful read.

Thanks Tom for getting the word out!  As Tom put it:

"A fully formed Catholic is not just a Catholic who follows the precepts of the Church, can hold his own in doctrinal disputes, prays the Rosary, and is faithful to the Magisterium. A fully formed Catholic is a disciple of Jesus Christ."

(Sherry:  Yes, yes, yes!)


"1. Read this book.

2. Have your pastor read this book.

This is an important book, if only because it's perhaps the only such book on a hugely important subject."

I second Tom's recommendation.

But he also touches upon the great and abiding mystery.   Why have we failed so conspicuously to evangelize the sacramentalized, to make disciples of the baptized?  And why is it so difficult for us to talk about it?   We met with bewilderment, incomprehension, passive hostility, open resistance, and tears from pastors and pastoral leaders  in nearly every Making Disciples seminar we put on over the past 8 years.  My stomach used to churn at the prospect of another MD because I knew it was going to be so difficult at an emotional and spiritual level.  And now suddenly, praised be Jesus Christ, we are desperate enough, open enough to look at our real situation.   Suddenly, people can hear what we've been saying over and over for years.

I found out a few hours ago that the first printing is almost gone after the one month and the order has been given for a second printing.  I'm under no illustions.  It isn't about my golden prose.  it is about a incredible vacuum in the lived life of the Catholic community that we are just beginning to be able to acknowledge because our institutions are in danger and we finally KNOW they are in danger.

It's always easy to be the best opera singer in Tulsa when you're the only opera singer in Tulsa.