Dreaming for the New Year: I Want It All Print
Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 29 December 2009 06:53
Our basic theme around here this week is our dreams for the new year. And some of our collaborators are dreaming big! (We are privileged to know some truly amazing disciples!)

Beginning with my own interior life: I want to become docile and fully obedient to every inspiration, direction, and prompting of the Holy Spirit, that He may complete my total transformation into Christ. That I may turn away from sin, and refuse Jesus nothing – no matter what the cost.

To participate in God’s work of rising up a legion of saints to bring about the complete renewal and transformation of the whole archdiocese in which I reside.

That God may rise up a group of lay men and women who would be fully committed to seeking out and drawing in those furtherest from Christ.

That every priest of our archdiocese be given the grace of conversion and transformation to fully live out the fullness of their priesthood and truly “father” and shepherd the people of God in becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.

The complete restructuring of each parish so that the complete mission of the Church may be fully realized and fulfilled.

For each parish of our archdiocese to establish a prayer hermitage (a poustinia) where the laity can go to hear and receive a “word” from the Lord and intercede for the whole world.

The establishment of a novitiate formation in each family, where parents provide to their children the formation and discernment skills necessary for answering the Lord’s call to participate in His mission of redemption.

The more I think about it, I come to the conclusion that I want it all – The totality of the gospel…its freedom, its fire, its living breath. I want the awesome power of its simplicity, the quiet roar of its love that captivates the heart and oppresses the will. I want its sheer force that heals all of creation. I want the spirit of its towering humility. I want the poverty, the lowliness, the shivering cold the Christ-child felt.

I want the delivering power of His baptism and the battle of the desert. I want the liberating proclamation of His kingdom and the grace He gave to the woman caught in adultery. I want the joy of the parents who witnessed their child being brought back from the dead. I want the blessing the children received from His hands. I want the refreshment of His touch, the same touch He gave to the leper.

I want the light of His transfigured body to rest on me, and to stand with Him by His side in His agony. I want the role of Simon and Veronica, the standing post of John at the foot of the Cross. I want to enter the darkness of the cave with Him and to witness the first light of His Resurrection. I want to place my hand into His side. I want the ascended Christ and to witness the glory of His coming to wed heaven to earth! I want the complete and never ending love that is God.

In a word I want JESUS for every man and woman!

You may not be dreaming as large as our prophetic intercessor friend above. But what is your wildest, most beautiful dream for 2010? What would you love to see God do in and through you and your family, friends, and community in the New Year?