What I'm Going to Do On My Lenten Vacation Print
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 06 February 2008 07:44
I've been spending my 6 days at home in radio silence trying to recover from an aggravated chest cold in preparation for my upcoming 9 day marathon. Stay at home, rest, as little talking as possible, hot tea, tea, tea, etc. while working on the upcoming events. I'm a bit better every day. I even tried the Vicks on your feet remedy for coughing. My coughing did improve considerably but was that the result of the natural healing process or a product of the Vicks? Any one else have experience with this or is it an urban legend?

Here's the calendar for the next couple weeks:

Feb 8/9: Called & Gifted workshops at St. Patrick's in Ripon, CA
St. Michael's in Olympia, WA

Meanwhile, I"m off to spend Friday and Saturday in Greenville, South Carolina to train some folks to facilitate discernment

And Fr. Mike takes off for Bloomington, IN to begin his first Lenten mission at St. Paul's Newman Center at Indiana University where I will join him on Sunday. (We are doing this mission together - it runs Monday through Wednesday evenings, Feb 11, 12, 13.)

Then Thursday, I will be picked up by the illustrious Sandra Meisel and will spend the night at her house (and talk history/research stuff because she is the queen!). Sandra will drop me off at the Indianapolis airport Friday morning to catch
the plane to . . . you guessed it - Prague, Oklahoma!

Where I will met another denizen of St. Blog's - Fr. Shane Thorp - who is the pastor of St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church where I will be conducting a Called & Gifted workshop February 15/16 with Mark Egbert.

On Feb 15/16 there will also be Called & Gifted workshops in Moses Lake, WA (Spanish) and Santa Clarita, CA

Meanwhile, Fr. MIke will be toddling off to Palestine, Texas for his next Lenten mission (February 17 - 20) without me (We do occasionally let him go off on his own - a tricky thing when dealing with a Dominican)

And then I get 4 days off the road.

Which is why, you'll understand I've been sleeping alot in preparation. Mendicancy as a form of penance is part of the Dominican thang, so it's all Lenten in the very best sense.

Love to see any ID readers out there. Be sure and come up and say "hi!"