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Cardinal O' Connor and the Impulse of the Holy Spirit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Saturday, 19 January 2008 22:21
Fr. Richard John Neuhaus has a wonderful post about the late Cardinal O'Connor of New York in the First Things blog. He ends with this anecdote:

Let me stop with a story. One ordinarily does not repeat in public what the pope says in private conversation, but I asked and John Paul gave me permission to tell this one. When during the O’Connor years I had occasion to meet with the pope, he would always ask, “How is Cardinal O’Connor?” And I would always say that Cardinal O’Connor is flourishing and is an inestimable gift to the Church. One time I went on to say, “You know what Cardinal O’Connor said the other day, Holy Father?” “No,” he answered. “What did Cardinal O’Connor say?” “Cardinal O’Connor said that he gets up every morning and prays that he will go to bed that night without having discouraged any impulse of the Holy Spirit. Now isn’t that a beautiful thing for a bishop to say?” A pause of several seconds. “Yes,” said the pope, “that is a beautiful thing for a bishop to say. I told him that.”

John Cardinal O’Connor. John Paul the Great. I think about them, I thank God for them, I talk with them, every day.

What a great story. What a wonderful thing to pray for and work toward: to finish a day without having discouraged any impulse of the Holy Spirit.

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