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They've Got Gospel in the Air PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 30 January 2008 21:20
Houston here we come.

More specifically, St. Mary's Seminary, here we come.

Fly down Thursday. teach a modified C & G Thursday night and Friday morning for the student body and some faculty, optional interviews for those interested on Friday afternoon and evening, then back to CS on Saturday morning.

Marc Cohn (who is Jewish) captured the feeling I get returning to the south so well in his classic, Walking in Memphis

They've got catfish on the table
They've got gospel in the air
And Reverend Green be glad to see you
When you haven't got a prayer
But boy you've got a prayer in Memphis

Now Muriel plays piano
Every Friday at the Hollywood
And they brought me down to see her
And they asked me if I would --
Do a little number
And I sang with all my might
And she said --
"Tell me are you a Christian child?"
And I said "Ma'am I am tonight"

Then to re-focus on those missions looming so large on the horizon.

Blogging will probably recommence on Saturday - or possibly Sunday. Home for 5 days so I'll be able to get up
some blogging steam.

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