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Why Muslims Become Christians PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 01 January 2010 19:47


Here is a collection of my major posts on the phenomena of Muslims becoming Christian in one place for future reference.

Why Muslims Become Christian:
Why Do Muslims Convert to Christianity?
Muslim Conversions to Christianity
Do You Give Up So Easily on Jesus?
Huge Numbers & Urban Legends
Real Conversions in the Muslim World
Son of Prominent Hamas Leader Becomes a Christian
Testimonies of Muslims Who Have Become Christian
800,000 Muslims . . .er, I mean 2,000 Muslims

Muslims converting because of dreams and visions:
I am the Lord Whom You are Looking For
Dreaming Your Way to Faith

Magdi Allam (Prominent Italian Muslim Who Was Baptized by Pope Benedict in St. Peter's, Easter Vigil, 2008)
Video of Allam's baptism
An Individual Act of Conscience or a Global Phenomenon?

Persecution of Muslim Background Christians:
The Price Muslims Who Become Christian Often Pay
Because Jesus Taught Me To Love
Iranian Parliament Approves Automatic Death Penalty for Conversion
Surviving the Time of Great Distress
"Despite Being a Christian", Pakistani Christian is a National Hero

Bits & Pieces:
The Number of Christians living in the Muslim World
Islam in the US
Millions of Iraqi Muslims are Watching Christian Television

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