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Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 19 January 2012 08:16

This new UK book on apologetics looks great.  Based upon the experience of the ordinary Catholics who made themselves available to the media during Pope Benedict's visit to Britain, Catholic Voices: Putting the Case for the Church in the Era of 24 Hour News, can help us with an approach and skills that win "hearers, not arguments."

It combines arguments and facts with practical media skills, hearing the ‘question behind the question’ and listening for the ‘positive intention’  behind the criticisms. It gives insider tips on how to present arguments clearly, compellingly and concisely in a quick-fire atmosphere.

from a review in Eureka Street:

"The teaching and practice of the Catholic Church are summarised, the reasons for them explained, and the objections against them teased out.

The treatment is urbane, respectful of journalists and of the media to which they belong. In each case attention is paid to the positive values that underlie both Catholic teaching and the objections raised by its critics. The eirenical character of the presentation flows from the simple principles of good communication enunciated in the book. They are based on respect due to partners in conversation and on recognition of the positive values that animate them. Respect enables differences to be explored in a way that generates light, not heat, speaks to the heart as well as the mind, is compassionate, and focuses on winning people rather than winning battles. Respect for truth entails respect for those who seek it, despite disagreements with the positions they take."

You can get a copy in the US through Amazon.


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