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Written by Sherry   
Monday, 20 July 2009 20:14
I stumbled upon a most interesting website yesterday:

It a site designed for the spiritually curious, open or seeking who are not churched or even from a Christian background. It is just chockful of great stuff: everything from an Easter FAQ ("Why did Jesus die?") to a simple liturgy of the hours for those who have never prayed before.

A timeline of Jesus' life, (find that famous story), lives of outstanding people whose lives were changed by encountering Christ (Mother Teresa, C. S. Lewis, Francis of Assisi, Wilber Wilberforce among others); how Jesus has inspired artists, depictions of Jesus in film and much more.

Very well done. Winsome, thoughtful, and curiosity-inducing, I'd say. Spiritual ecumenism of the best kind.

As the website puts it:

Rejesus has a single focus - it goes to the very heart of Christian life and faith - the person of Jesus Christ himself. Its aim is to reach people who have little previous knowledge of Jesus or the Christian faith and to encourage a step or two of faith. Every visitor has the opportunity to delve into engaging material and respond to it by giving their opinion, praying a prayer or asking a tough question. Friendships are created in the Community section and people are taking steps of faith.

Keep this website in mind for your friends and family who seem to be spiritually open or seeking. Could also be very useful for those in Inquiry or considering entering inquiry - especially from a non-Christian background.

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