Drink Coffee. Do Good. Print
Written by Sherry   
Monday, 12 July 2010 21:37

Here's a good news story.  A part-time Anglican priest has started a coffee company in the Atlanta area to help heal the wounds of the Rwandan genocide.

It is called 1000 Hills Coffee Company and they are doing well in the midst of a tough economy.  A dollar from every bag of coffee sold goes to support widows of the genocide or purchase high quality coffee bikes which farmers use to bring their coffee to market quickly.  So far, they have distributed $30,000 in micro-loans.

If you live in the Atlanta area, they have three coffee houses there.  If not, you can order online or join their monthly coffee club.  So far, American coffee drinkers have made it possible for

2000 Farmers to earn a living wage

270 Coffee Bikes to be Purchased

400 Micro-Financed Loans to be offered.


They even have an online widget that will tell you the impact that your order of $X has had on Rwandan farmers.

Their motto says it all: Drink Coffee.  Do Good.

Check it out and if anyone has ever drunk their coffee, write a little review.  The whole world of faith-motivated social entrepreneurship is fascinating.