Shooting Arrows in the Dark Print
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 11 July 2012 19:58

Read this powerful, incredibly moving story of Brother Vianney-Marie Graham of the contemplative Clear Creek Monastery in Hulbert, Oklahoma, who has long been praying for inmates on Death Row because he considered them "the abandoned of the abandoned."

Read about his years of prayer for and evangelizing friendship with James Malicoat, a condemned murderer who beat his 13 month old daughter to death.  Incredible.  It moved me to tears.

Nothing is impossible for God.

Who is proud when the heavens are humble,
Who mounts if the mountains fall,
If the fixed stars topple and tumble
And a deluge of love drowns all-
Who rears up his head for a crown,
Who holds up his will for a warrant,
Who strives with the starry torrent,
When all that is good goes down?

For in dread of such falling and failing
The fallen angels fell
Inverted in insolence, scaling
The hanging mountain of hell:
But unmeasured of plummet and rod
Too deep for their sight to scan,
Outrushing the fall of man
Is the height of the fall of God.

- Gloria in Profundis, G. K. Chesterton