Of Blogging and Fleabite Airways Print
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 01 June 2007 06:54
Blogging will happen - but sporadically again this weekend.

Fr. Mike and I are in last minute throes of finishing the basic draft of our new four day seminar on helping Catholics, practicing or not, become intentional Disciples (We call it Making Disciples: Growing Extraordinary Catholics) before we take off to Iowa next weekend to train a diocesan team of new Called & Gifted teachers.

Training C & G teachers is a very intense weekend affair which including 8 hours of theology: of the laity, of the secular mission of the Church, as well as grace,redemption, the theology and history of charisms, etc. Each teacher also prepares to teach a section of the C & G workshop and teaches that section in front of the rest of us and gets feed-back. It is always amazing to see how differently individual teachers approach the same material - and yet are equally effective.

Really good, high energy, high content, life-changing, funny popular teaching, is an art form. If the tens of thousands of evaluations I've read over the past 14 years are any indication, its not a common one in the Catholic world.

Our teachers are mostly non-professionals who are so excited by the C & G process that they come up to us during workshops and volunteer. They give up their weekends to fly around the country with us (or teach in their own parish or deanery or diocese)because of the difference discernment made in their lives and can make in the lives of other Catholics.

Our teachers are incredible and serve out of love. We have national level speakers, who normally get $200 an hour for a presentation, flying in on Fleabite airways to Hays, Kansas or Pedukah, Kentucky to put on a Called & Gifted workshop in exchange for an honorarium that just about covers a movie and nice dinner for two. Apostles indeed.

I remember how terrified I was in the early days when a professional teacher or counselor or pastor or other "authority" was in attendance, certain that they could tell that I had cobbled this together on my own without certification from the official Catholic-charism-teachers-factory that I still thought existed somewhere out there.

It didn't, so we created out own traveling show. And since the demand for local
C & G teaching teams keeps going up, we keep going out.

But this morning,it looks like the pavers for the patio due to be delivered today aren't the right color so I'm going to have to drive down to the yard and do a visual inspection rather than deal with several tons of ureally ugly pavers in the backyard.

And I felt like I had a touch of some low level virus last night.

So you'll hear from us - but it will be intermittant.