Stay Tuned Print
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 20 June 2008 08:47
Sorry about the lack of posting.

This weekend is build-a-split-rail-fence-and-plant-2-dozen-shrubs-and-vines weekend. I should have done it earlier but
8 days on the road crimped my gardening style.

The wildflowers planted 4 weeks ago are rapidly covering the bed and I look forward to actually seeing some flowers someday. My catmint is an intense haze of purple.

This getting back into the swing thing is taking longer than I thought. This morning, I removed Office for Mac and reinstalled it - with many grumbles since the program is always asking me to do things that I haven't the faintest idea how to do- and we'll see if that cures it of its ailments. Oh, and I have to get that external hard drive that I picked up in Chicago going and set up my Time Machine for continuous back-ups. (There is nothing like contemplating losing 10 year's work to a failing hard drive to get your attention.)

And had to look seriously at my to do list in light of our heavy fall travel. Got to finish booklet on Stewardship as Stewardship of Mission and Vocation. Two other brochures to write. 4 grants to write, 9 one of kind events to write and plan for. And that's just what I know about at the moment.

But I'm home till August 10, so hope to get back into a pattern of regular blogging soon. Fr. Mike is basking in the brisk 106 degree temps of Tucson until June 30 (and his air conditioner is on the fritz!) but I hope that we will hear from him and Joe Waters as well.

So stay tuned.