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Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 06:42
And here's an enthusiastic Aussie fan of WYD: Fr. John Speekman

During WYD week I'll be putting up 8 priests from different parts of the world. They are mainly MC priests (Missisionaries of Charity - Mother Teresa's priests) but there are others too. It will be good to meet new friends. Also some Australian priests and a deacon will bring their blowup mattresses and sleeping bags and spread themselves around the available floor space in the presbytery. And then there's even a few laymen, musicians no less.

Can't wait for it to start and I bet I'll be glad it's over. But that's the way things go.

The Holy Father is coming - Peter himself; the one who keeps us together, the earthly centre of our unity - a man, representing the Man - God.

What a blessing to welcome him to our poor, sad, scattered, watered-down, split-down-the-middle Catholic Church in Australia! May his presence make us all think again.

We have 150 young people allocated to St Jospeh's Church here on three of the WYD catechesis days. They will come from overseas to sit in our church, before the Lord in our Tabernacle, to hear a bishop from 'somewhere' teach them the life-giving truths of the Catholic Faith. I'll be there too, eagerly listening.

Then we take them upstairs to the hall and feed them, and get to talk to some of them. Exciting!!!

Well, may the Holy Spirit of God come to us here in Australia, and to all who have made the pilgrimage. May he flood (baptise) us with Himself and bring new energy to the Faith, new life, new hope, new members.


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