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Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 17 June 2009 17:19
Fr. Mike and I are off to Kansas City, KS early tomorrow morning - to offer part two of an experimental version of Making Disciples. Then i get to return home while he journeys on to North Dakota to offer a mission to some of the Sisters of Mary of the Presentation who had him as a student in elementary school.

Local boy makes very good.

(It can be humiliating to work so closely with someone who has always done the right thing. Can the man be human? Someone who is always tidy and presentable, who is genuinely good and funny and bright and athletic and kind and infinitely likable. The kind of child whom teachers remember and think of warmly for decades. The sort that we lesser mortals gaze upon with awe but can't resent because he is just so gosh-darn likable.

As Fr. Benedict Groeschel once observed when Mother Teresa fell asleep during one of his homilies, "it was humiliating alright, but probably not humbling." Alas. So true.)

This weekend, Mark Cesnik of Tucson (Thanks Anna!) who is one of our many great teachers, will be training a group of parishioners in the Memphis area to facilitate the discernment of others.

I'll be back late Saturday night and look forward to more consistent blogging as my schedule is due to slow down!

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