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Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 13 March 2007 07:47
As we travel, we often come into contact with dynamic parishes, pastors and lay apostles that are seldom if ever discussed around St. Blog's.

One such place, where I have taught, is St. Marie's Church in Manchester, New Hampshire. St. Marie's is a lovely, 19th parish that was originally established for the French speaking community of Manchester.

How different is St. Marie's?

They have two "evangelists" on staff. In their Office of Evangelization. (This is the only parish I've ever worked in that used the title "evangelist")

They sponsor a School of Healing Prayer that offers continuing eduction for the New Hampshire Nurses Association.

Their local Secular Franciscan group requires that you do a year's Novena before joining. Which you can easily do because the church has perpetual adoration.

The parish also has its own Catholic bookstore.

The pastor. Fr. Marc Montminy, is a dynamic man who has mentored half the pastors in his diocese.

Do you know of other stand-out parishes? Please encourage the rest of us by telling us about them.

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