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St. Patrick's Day in Ireland PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 15 March 2007 10:58
Ah, the good old days - say, before 1980.

You might pin a bit of shamrock to your clothes but wearing a lotta green is actually bad luck - because green is the favorite color of fairies - er, I mean, the Good People. (Note to self: The Good People hate it when you use the "f" word.)

No one was dying the Shannon green. Partly because the original color associated with St. Patrick was blue.

And even more staggering. You couldn't get a drink in Ireland on St. Paddy's Day. "According to Mahony, Irish pubs used to be closed on two days of the year: Good Friday and St. Patrick's Day."

The Irish-turned-teetotallers on St. Patrick's day. The mind boggles.

You had the day off, went to Mass, and had a family meal. It was a religious holiday.

It is easy to understand that the whole American approach can be a bit of shock to the true Irish man or woman - although our approach to the day has now jumped the pond and taken root in Dublin.

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