Focolare and Community Print
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 14 March 2008 07:05
Mariopolis, the Focolare "little cities" that have sprung up all over the world are also fascinating. They are naturally, filled with EoC businesses. My question: Is it possible to successfully run a EOC business without living in a Focolare community?

Loppiano, in Tuscany, is the oldest and how has about 900 inhabitants from 70 nations.

9 schools of formation are located in Loppiano. The variety of businesses is also fascinating:

The Loppiano Prima Co-operative started in 1973. Its main activity is producing wine and olive oil. At present the members of the cooperative number 4,000. It is appreciated for the way it is managed and for being part of the project of the "Economy of Communion" wherein the capital and work are placed at the service of the community.

The Fantasy workshops have specialised in materials, objects and furniture for babies and small children.

The Azur company comprises several activities such as revision of electric meters, assembling of electricity stabilisers, production of furniture and accessories for children, wooden religious articles and different handicraft objects.

The Gigli del Campo is a fashion workshop and boutique mainly for lady's wear. Even fashion can express a style of life by reflecting through harmony and the originality of a dress design the beauty of creation.

In the artistic field there are two significant art studios: the Centro Ave and La Bottega di Ciro. The former includes sculpture, painting, design and architecture. The latter produces most original, rich and charming pieces of art, using a unique combination of discarded materials (wood, iron, stone, cloth, etc.).

40,000 visitors travel to Loppiano every year. There is a Mariopolis in the US - in Hyde Park, NY.

Any ID readers ever visit a Mariopolis?