I Can Dream, Can't I? Print
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 28 March 2008 04:32
Off to Seattle this morning till Tuesday to train some folks to do gifts interviews. Unbelievably, it is snowing there. It never snows past the first week of March in Seattle! (Here in Colorado we expect it to snow in March but what I'm not used to is what we got right now - freezing rain? Must bundle up. I am so used to Colorado's low humidity and sunshine that 36 and raining in Seattle feels much colder and bleaker than 20 here.

March is going out like a lion. I had hoped to see the glorious cherry blossoms on the UW campus (usually at their height on April 1). Hope I still can. Hope they still look like this:

Also doing a radio interview, then back Tuesday night for two days. Cramming in a Legatus talk and few other big things with Fr. Mike (who is also in town for a week before jetting off for his Easter missions.) and then off again to speak at the Evangelical Catholic Institiute in Madison, WI.

And I'm still not done with several major project overdue or due next week. So blogging from me will be sporadic at best this next week.

But after April 6, watch out. I'm home for 2 months in a row.

April being the time to turn one's thought to gardening in the high country. Nine of the 200 bulbs I planted last fall poking their heads above ground so far.