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Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 11 March 2010 06:58
Fr. Mike is a gifted writer and I really like this blurb he wrote for our parish mission in LA last week.

"In the very marrow of our bones and beyond lies a hunger, an emptiness, a searching for something that is impossible to name until it is found. Jesus likened it to a buried treasure discovered, or a merchant seeking fine pearls. Usually we seek it in things we can buy, honors we can win, or various kinds of success, but those never fully satisfy us. But the individuals in these two parables have discovered a purpose that guides how they act in the world.

That can describe your life, too. Traditionally, the Church has called it a vocation, a call from God that brings meaning and satisfaction to our lives through a work that we are given to do."

I liked it beause it sums up a longing that we have discovered that many lay Catholics, disciples or not, have - a longing for a really significant life. This longing can be the door through which those who are not yet disciples encounter the Christ who calls them to follow him and who is the source of all vocations. As Hans Urs von Balthazar pointed out:

“Simon, the fisherman, before his meeting with Christ, however thoroughly he might have searched within himself, could not possibly have found a trace of Peter.
-Prayer, p. 49.

Our vocation is a mystery that is revealed through a lived encounter with Christ. Jesus knows who we were created to ultimately become. We don't. He has to reveal it to us as we walk through this life with him.

One of the most devastating consequences of our failure to evangelize large numbers of our own, is the fact that we are only calling forth a tiny percentage of the vocations that God has given us.

As soon to be Blessed John Henry Newman noted, we can never be thrown away. Not as long as we walk with him. But the terrible irony is that, my vocation can be unintentionally obscured by another's failure to share the basic kerygma and call to discipleship with me. As a failure to water newly sown seeds in the spring can mean that they never germinate and bloom.

If i never follow Jesus as a disciple, I can never be sent by him as an apostle.

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