Glimpsing the River of Grace Print
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 13:19
Traveling and e-mail don't go together. Yesterday, I deleted 1700 less important e-mails that I received last month and now am actually reading and responding to what is left. I found this wonderful story from one of our collaborators that I thought I would share:

"I wanted to share this story I heard in the discernment interview I did of a woman with the Charism of Evangelism and Intercessory Prayer who goes to a certain block in her neighborhood run by pimps and knocks on the motel doors where the prostitutes are and ministers to them and asks them if she could pray with them. Many of them have returned to the faith."

One of the great privileges of facilitating the discernment of others is being given these tiny glimpses of the power of the Holy Spirit at work through laypeople. Multiply this anecdote by millions and it gives some sense of the hidden work of redemption being accomplished through the "yes" of ordinary men and women at this very moment as I type this sentence.

I often wish I could have a much better sense of the river of grace that is flowing through our world, a river that is hidden or obscured most of the time. A river that is known in its fullness only by God.

Part of the joy of heaven will be to finally be able to see and rejoice in the many miracles and transformations that were hidden from us during our earthly lives.