Talkin' About Jesus Print
Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 11 March 2010 06:55
Another e-mail gem from a collaborator:

This weekend I did a presentation for the Archdiocese as part of their Catechist Certification process on the Origin and Mission of the Church. After the presentation another Catechist who has a charism of evangelism was very excited.

Her response to me was,

“You know, I just realized from your teaching that I don’t talk about Jesus.

It’s like when I tell people about my mother, I don’t tell them facts as she relates to me, she gave birth to me, etc, rather I tell others about my mother - her spirit, her soul. She is one of the most wises persons I have ever met. She has the most joyful spirit and a passion for life that is caughty. That is the way I need to talk about Jesus. He is not an idea, but a living person. And when we proclaim the gospel message to others, it can’t merely be about what Jesus has done for me as in faith sharing. It needs to be about what type of person He is, His likes and dislikes, what he enjoys, everything that makes Him who He is - anything to attract people to Him.”

This is an excellent reminder for me this Lent as well.