Have I Strayed From God's Purpose? Print
Written by Sherry   
Sunday, 27 May 2007 10:36
Fr. Mike preached at my parish this morning (my pastor is doing mission work in the Ukraine this week)on the mission and purpose for which all of us as individuals and the Church, as a whole, has received the Holy Spirit.

Here's an apropros post from Catholic Writings on the same theme

I watched “Pirates of the Carribean : At World’s End” today. I was struck by one line that was said to Davy Jones, who used to be a man but was transformed into an octopus-like creature. Someone in the movie says to him something like: You have strayed from your purpose, and that has changed who you are.

As Christians in the world today, we each have a God-given mission in life, and we are called to stick to our purpose. There are many things, good things in fact, that can make us stray from our purpose. For example, what may have started as a good means of evangelization, such as blogging for God, may make us so obsessed with gathering more hits for the blog that we stray from our purpose. Or what may have started as an interest in liturgy may become an obsession that turns into legalism that makes us stray from our purpose. Or what may have started as a love for tradition may become an obsession with tradition that makes us intolerant of others that makes us stray from our purpose.

Our purpose is not something that we create for ourselves. Rather, it is given to us by God and discovered by us. Let us all pray for the wisdom to discern our true purpose in life, and not stray from that purpose.