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The Latin Future of the US Church? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Monday, 07 May 2007 12:56
Whispers covers the Washington Post article on the Catholic charismatic renewal in this country and how Hispanic immigration is reviving it.

"Though the Catholic Church does not keep official statistics on its charismatic flock, church leaders and academics say the study, considered alongside trends in the Hispanic population, suggests that the number of Catholics embracing at least some aspects of charismatic devotion has almost doubled over the past 20 years to more than 10 million adults."

As Rocco puts it in his inimitable style:

"As the continuing infusion of Hispanics into the States strengthens the church in the south and west, the new arrivals' distinctive piety putting an ever-more dominant stamp on American Catholicism in the process, the papal visit and meeting serves as further reminder to this flock to the north that -- for all the current fixation of the church's more rarefied elements on the Tridentine Mass -- the Latin future of the US church is more one of Guadalupe than Ghislieri, less "Et cum spiritum tuo" and more "Y con tu espíritu."

If you want to know more and somehow missed my 11 part article this past week on "The Challenge of Independent Christianity, go here.

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