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Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 30 May 2007 19:28

Written by Keith Strohm

I know that Br. Matthew has highlighted the folks over at Vox Nova before, but I wanted to throw in my two cents!

I know that I often point readers of this blog over to Michael and Katerina over at Evangelical Catholicism. Their blog is by far one of the most articulate and rigorous attempts at examining the issues of the world through the lens of Revelation. Now, Michael and Katerina have joined a group blog with other men and women who seek to expand the conversation regarding the evangelization of social structures and cultures. According to its Purpose:

Vox Nova is a response to the ecclesial mandate to promote the common good in every sphere of human existence. We come from varying backgrounds and carry diverse social outlooks, traversing a wide range of demographics and political sympathies. Vox Nova is free, to the furthest extent possible, from partisanship, nationalism and demagoguery, all of which banish intellectual honesty from rational discourse.

United in our Catholic, pro-person worldview, yet diverging in our socio-political opinions, we seek to provide informed commentary and rigorous debate on culture, society, politics and law, all while unwaveringly adhering to, and aptly applying the principles of Catholic doctrine. We are not intellectually wedded to any single political ideology. Following the example of the rich tradition of Catholic social doctrine from Pope Leo XIII to Pope Benedict XVI, we do not forge artificial blockades between "faith and morals" and "social judgments." We do not and will not filter Catholic doctrine and morality through contrived categories in order to morph our Catholic faith and practice into some ideologically acceptable form.

I have found the posts at Vox Nova to be uniformly thoughtful, thought-provoking, rigorous, reflective, and completely engaging. It is a current example of how faithful Catholics can have varied views on how to apply the Church's Teaching to the world.

I absolutely can not recommend it enough!