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Following Jesus into the Church PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 07 May 2008 06:49
The local Catholic Herald is running an article on the "Coming Home" gathering that I spoke at a couple weeks ago.

That gathering was the first time that Paul McCusker, of Focus on the Family and creator of the famous Odyssey radio program for children, had spoken about his entrance into the Church last August. He was a bit nervous and somewhat overwhelmed that there was that much interest in his journey.

They did misspell my name but I, the chronically challenged speller, can't really cast any stones here.

But they did catch a good bit of the spirit of my journey.

What won't be clear from the article is that I *was* reading all the same books as most evangelicals (Newman, etc.) but the primary reason I entered was not intellectual (although I have a strong intellectual streak) or historical (although I adore history, was a history major, etc.) or about issues of authority or as a refuge from the culture.

Which seems to be the very thing that that so enrages certain individuals who haunt my blogging steps and which
strikes them as irreducibly foreign or smacking of the unspeakable "P" word. I didn't enter the Church for her own sake. The Church, by herself, did not loom largest in my consciousness or calculations. I did not fall in love with the Church.

(Please understand: I'm not dissing those who do enter for those reasons. Falling in love with the Church is truly a wonderful, blessed thing. I'm just saying that it wasn't my path. There are many wonderful, blessed paths into the fullness of the faith. The "I read my way into the Church" journey is only one albeit the one that has been lionized in our generation.)

I entered the Church to follow Jesus, because I believed Jesus desired it, indeed, commanded it. Because I wanted to be at the center of His Body and purposes on earth, to be where His central redemptive act, the central act of history, was the center of worship.

Entering the heart of the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ in order to follow Christ. I emphasized this in my talk because I wanted those who might hear of it in our very evangelical town to know it was more than possible.

How is it that so simple a thing should strike serious Catholics as contrary to "Catholic sensibilities"?

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