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All You Can Say Is "Wow" - and "Praise God" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 28 November 2007 17:16
This is not meant to be triumphalist in any way but it is one of those stories to which all you can say is "wow" and "praise God". Via Zenit and sent to me by Bobby Vidal, one of our collaborators in LA.

A Romanian Orthodox woman is healed of terminal lung cancer by spending two weeks sitting in front of a statue of Padre Pio in Rome and talking to him.

Mariano (her artist son in Rome) kept his mother with himself in Rome so as to be near the doctor for checkups. He was working on a mosaic in a church and, as his mother does not speak Italian, he kept her close by. While he was working, his mother walked through the church, contemplating the paintings and statues.

In one corner, there was a large statue of Padre Pio. Lucrecia liked the statue and asked Mariano who it depicted. Mariano related briefly the story of the saint. In the coming days, he saw his mother spending all her time seated before the image, with which she chatted as if it were alive.

Two weeks later, Mariano took his mother to the hospital for her checkup. The doctor said the tumor had disappeared.

Lucrecia had asked Padre Pio to help her, even though she was Orthodox, and, she said, the saint had granted her request.

That line made me smile. I can't imagine that this women's Orthodoxy put Padre Pio off one whit.

Naturally her other son, the Orthodox priest, was thrilled and told his parishioners and a great devotion to St. Pio grew up in the parish. The sick started to receive favors from Padre Pio and "little by little, we decided to become Catholics, in order to be closer to Padre.”

It was a long process to move from Orthodox to Greek Catholic but now they are building a church in St. Pio's honor and the Metropolitan Archbishop of Romania came to be present at the laying of the cornerstone and meet the woman who had been healed by Padre Pio!

Somehow I'm not surprised. When I was speaking at Sacred Heart Seminary last month, they began class by announcing that one of the class members had been healed (apparently they had prayed for him with a relic of Padre Pio the week before!)

Anyone else have close encounters with St. Pio that you'd like to share?

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