Java Lovers: Starbucks has a Freebie for You Print
Written by Sherry   
Sunday, 02 November 2008 10:56
Starbucks, in an inspired moment, has taken up an idea suggested by a blogger and will be giving out a free 10 oz coffee on November 4 to everyone who has voted and can produce one of those "I voted" stickers. If your local polling place doesn't give out the stickers, they will operate on the honor system.

Early birds like me who have already lost their "I voted" sticker are out of luck, I guess.

Considering the number of expected voters, I'd avoid my local Starbucks on November 4. I don't know how they will facilitate it, but I would imagine its' going to be a mob scene.

Of course, it is very clever marketing but I do like the spirit of their You tube video: