Violence Against Christians in Iraq Print
Written by Michael Fones   
Monday, 30 November 2009 19:46
One of the aspects of life in Iraq that we easily forget about is the near-constant threat of violence that Christians live with. I received a reminder of this in an e-mail from the Promoter for Social Justice of our Dominican Province, and I share it with you. Please pray not only for the Dominican sisters, but for all of the innocents who are suffering because of those who have embraced a life of violence.
Our Sisters in Iraq have experienced a great tragedy in Mosul the day before Thanksgiving. Their motherhouse was invaded by three men who climbed over a wall and into their compound and set off three bombs that did severe damage to the Motherhouse along one side where ten rooms were hit. The sisters are okay, but Sr. Maria and her community have serious decisions to make this weekend. Please keep them in your prayers.
The e-mail from Iraq follows:
My friend, I need your prayers for Sr. Maria and the councilors because our Motherhouse in Mosul was bombed yesterday Nov 26, 09. It destroyed the convent very much, thanks be to God none of the six sisters were injured or killed neither the men who guard the convent. Also, they bombed another Catholic Church near by the motherhouse which was in very bad shape and again nobody died

Please remember the Christian people in your prayers and especially Sr. Maria for the decisions that she needs to make.

Thank you again for you prayers
Aman Miriam Mansoor