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Torture and the Log in Our Eye PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 12 October 2007 10:12
Latest update. Mark has taken down his blog post about the Catholic radio interview that seemed to support torture because the produce wrote and said that the show was only a "demo" and will not be aired and only heard by a few people at the network. So to please him I am also taking down his earlier letter to the producer. But color me hmmm . . . skeptical.

I notice that Relevant Radio ran a 1 1/2hour interview with Kevin Miller on the subject of "acceptable torture" on Tuesday. While I have every confidence that Kevin articulated Church teaching carefully during that interview, I can't help but wonder at the strange title. Can we imagine an interview entitled "acceptable abortion" or "acceptable euthanasia" being acceptable to Relevant Radio's listening public? I'm glad in any case that it won't air and perhaps the network will realize that contemplating "edgy" programming that strongly implies a rejection of explicit Church teaching in this area comes with a price.

God bless him! Mark has been relentlessly(and with some fireworks) making the case against torture for several years now and a number of his readers have written in to say that they "get it" now and both understand and support the Church's clear teaching in this area. Now he is beginning to think about writing a book on the subject - a project that I think would be of great value.

There is a fairly big gap between Mark's manner on his blog and his manner in person. You will seldom meet a sweeter, friendlier, more hail-fellow-well-met man than Mark is in person - and I've been a close friend for 20 years now. When he writes on his blog (as opposed to his books and talks which are witty, winsome, and illuminating), his Irish dander is easily aroused and the hyperbole flies. Although as his many readers can attest, he is remarkably willing to apologize when he had gone over the line.

On this subject, Mark has been absolutely right on and he has taken a lot of flack for it. I have often wished (and talked to him about it) that he took more a little more time to edit out the hyperbole and even out the tone which would only strengthen his arguments, I think, and be much better for him emotionally and spiritually. But I also know that many of his readers cherish his swash-buckling verbal exuberance and that he reaches some people that way who would not be drawn to and listen to a cooler, more staid case.

A little passionate rudeness in the course of opposing such a horrific evil will seem a very small matter when Catholics of the next generation look back upon our time and wonder how on earth so many of us - especially those of us who talk a great deal about Church teaching - were willing to support what our parents and grandparents knew to be war crimes. It is not an accident that it was the Pope who survived Nazi-occupied and Communist-run Poland who wrote Evangelium Vitae.

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