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Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 22 October 2009 09:24
Today is one of the glorious Colorado days that will make Fr. Mike might glad he forsook his life in sin (city). Pike's Peak's great shoulders are covered in snow and so is the ground but the sky is a brilliant blue, the gold leaves have not all fallen, and the air is crisp.

We are about to launch the Institute's new website so my focus for the remainder of the week must be revising or writing new content for the new website which is supposed to launch on Monday. With or without content.

This weekend, while Fr. Mike evangelizes in Corpus Christ, I should be planting bulbs by the hundreds. I've only planted 52 so far and my lower back has been screaming ever since. (That is unusual for me as I'm one of those weird people who can touch the palm of my hands to the floor without pain. Long torso and arms, relatively short legs - for a six footer. No back problems.)

Mulled red wine and Ibuprofen are a great cure. But time is a-wasting.

Meanwhile, Sybil in our office is deftly arranging last minute gift interviews for lots of those coming to training in southern Michigan. Somehow the normal pre-req for this training didn't get communicated. But our valiant phone interviewers (thanks Mary Sharon and Jen!) have risen to the occasion. We've got people coming from all over southern Michigan, Indiana, Oregon, and two Orthodox trainees from Ohio. Should be a good group.

Back to work. I have a major post pending on the whole Catholic Come Home campaign heating up this Advent but first I've got to pound the website into shape.