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Cardinal Arinze Gets High PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 18 September 2007 06:17
Cardinal Arinze is coming to town this week. He's in Denver today, I believe, speaking to the Archdiocesan Stewardship group (so I was told by the stewardship coordinator who attended last weekend's Called & Gifted in Denver)

Then Wednesday, the Cardinal is speaking at my parish in Colorado Springs. I have one of the precious tickets although I have seen him before years ago at a Franciscan University of Steubenville conference. My parish, Holy Apostles, holds about 1,200 and I imagine it will be full. The topic of the Cardinal's talk is the apostolate of the laity which should be interesting.

Thursday, Arinze addresses the Legatus Summit at our local 5 star resort: the Broadmoor

Via What the Cardinals Believe, comes this related story:

To encourage Catholics to apply their faith in daily life, the Vatican is considering alternative endings to the priest's last line of the Mass: "The Mass is ended. Go in peace."

(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, September 15, 2007) "Many people, when they hear, 'Go, the Mass is ended,' think that what we are saying is, 'It is finished, you can go and rest,'" said Cardinal Francis Arinze, who heads the Vatican's office on liturgy and sacraments. He spoke Thursday night to 120 people at LeMont Restaurant on Mount Washington, during a benefit for the Apostolate for Family Consecration, an Ohio ministry where he spends part of each summer.

After the Synod for the Eucharist in 2005, Pope Benedict XVI asked Cardinal Arinze's office to consider optional closing words. So far he has received more than 70 suggestions, he said.

Examples include "Go and live what we have celebrated" and "We have celebrated the good news of Christ, go and share this with your brethren," he said.


We've been talking about this for years at our Called & Gifted workshops. The blessing at the end of Mass is a sending forth of apostles, not a ritual "thank goodness that's over".

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