Colorado Standards Print
Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 18 September 2007 06:48

On the spur of the moment last weekend, I decided to walk around the Rampart Reservoir near home. By Colorado standards, it's flat and only 15 miles around at 9,000 feet elevation. A mere stroll on a gorgeous mid-September day. By Colorado standards.

It was fresh and remarkably beautiful and serene and the first five miles were wonderful. But by the time I finished and dragged myself back to the car, the only parts of my body that weren't screaming was my head, my chest, and my left arm. (My right elbow was suffering from a repetitive motion injury - 15 miles of using a improvised walking stick). I have recovered quickly (although I'm a bit stiff today - the second day is always worst I understand)

The truly humiliating part was standing on the side of the trail while these perky, smiling true Colorado runner types zipped by.