Evangelization on the Run Print
Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 22 September 2009 07:38
The Archdiocese of Washington D.C. has a great blog subtitled: Longing for Something? Maybe It's God.

In a post titled "Evangelization on the Run", Laura Fersti, Coordinator of Young Adult Ministry for the Archdiocese, writes:

"Last week a friend and I were on a run, and at one point we decided to take a break and walk for a block, continuing the conversation we were having about Satan’s lies and Christ’s redeeming grace. Hearing a conversation like this at a faith sharing meeting would be fairly normal, but for the woman walking just a few feet ahead of us I’m sure our conversation was a bit out of the ordinary.

We were saying that when we sin Satan makes us think that we are completely unworthy, unforgivable, and unlovable. He tells us that we cannot change and that, since we are sinners, we are not welcome in the Church community either to serve or be served. In contrast we affirmed that in Christ we can repent, leave our sin and shame behind us, and fully participate in the life of the Church.

I have no idea if that woman knew Christ or not or whether she was part of the Church community or not, but I have a feeling that God put her within earshot for a reason! And I pray that Christ touched her heart that day with His words of forgiveness and hope."

What a great conversation to have! But I have to say that it is not been my experience that it is "fairly normal" for Catholics to talk about "Satan's lies and Christ's redeeming grace" at parish faith sharing meetings. Would that it were. In my experience, that would be the mark of an exceptional group. A group of disciples.

But then I don't hang out in DC so maybe things are different there. In any case, remember to watch the Archdiocese's blog. Good stuff!