I Will Run the Way of the Your Commandments Because You, O Lord, Will Enlarge My Heart. Print
Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 17 September 2009 07:46
I stumbled across a lovely blog by Anthony Lilles of Denver. Lilles is a layman and academic dean of the St. John Vianney theological seminary for the Archdiocese of Denver. And as he is also, as he puts it, "a student of spiritual theology".

His blog is called Beginning to Pray. Here is a taste of his most recent post on the Sign of the Cross:

"The Holy Spirit is not an impersonal or indifferent guest within our hearts. He never runs out of room because He constantly enlarges our hearts: purifying them, ordering them, and expanding them. His fire and light makes us burn to love God and our brothers and sisters with a love greater than any limited natural love. He deifies us, makes us partakers of the divine nature, so that we love with the love of God. He also respects us - and will only do what we permit Him to.

But He is never passive. He is ever alive, ever ready to increase whenever we say yes to Him in faith. The more we say yes, the more He is there to help us - even when all seems dark and lost this Divine Presence is with us in our hearts. If we are not to drown in our own weakness, the constant attacks of the Evil One, and in the anxieties and fears of the world, we must cling to the Spirit's presence like the shipwrecked cling to life-preservers. We must cleave to His Presence, hold firm to it, believe in it, stand fast in it. Yet, our own frail humanity is always forgetting, always letting go to cling to things we think more firm. But they are an illusion. We can only cleave to the Presence of God in our hearts through the strength and the certitude that He alone provides.

This is where the Sign of the Cross comes in. When we make the Sign of the Cross, it is a sign that we are choosing to cling to the Living God who dwells in us through the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Making this sign can actually be a moment of actual grace in which the promises of faith made at our baptism are renewed and the Gift of God remembered. And with the renewal of our faith, the Lord grants us a new strength to hold fast, a certitude and confidence that ever comes from Him.

How refreshing and encouraging!

Lilles is a busy man, dean, father of three. So his posts are occasional (several times a month, sometime more) but his blog is definitely worth adding to your blogroll and checking periodically.