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Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 28 September 2010 14:27

From one of our long term friends:

As you all know, my little sister is in the midst of breast cancer treatment – halfway through radiation, after a radical double mastectomy, left arm lymphadectomy, and a couple months of chemo. She is halfway through the final treatment of this marathon of horrors. The past week or so she has been struggling with swelling and pain with the radiation (she has to hold her arms above her head for 10 minutes, every day). Yesterday they did an ultrasound to rule out blood clots, which was negative. However, after she went home, she had a “cardiac event”. She is now in the ER getting a CT and angiogram. They fear a pulmonary embolism.

Please PRAY for her; she is in urgent need.


WOW!!! Now that is some effective prayer power, people!  I finally got to talk to my sister this evening and she hasn’t experienced any further heart snafus since last night. She spent all day long, from 8 this morning until 4:30 this evening in the ER undergoing every test they could come up with to scan her chest, lungs, heart etc. and everything came up negative. No pulmonary embolism. No metastic tumors. Nada. She goes back in tomorrow for complete CT scans of her neck, head, and arms, as, in addition to the frightening heart arrhythmias and chest pain early this morning, she also experienced severe neck/jaw/face pain on the left side and a headache that lasted about 20 minutes. They are still thinking that she may have passed a small clot through her heart, or lung, that could not be picked up by the scans.

We are still concerned about a clot somewhere in her neck/head, and what is causing this. However, Sara, her husband Bill, and I, have all experienced a dramatic decrease in anxiety despite the lack of information – undoubtedly thanks to the prayer avalanche you all have so wonderfully provided!

And here’s another odd thing… One of you intercessors must have inspired a bend in the time-space continuum because last night I woke up out of a dead sleep to a wide-awake, broad daylight state at about 4 in the morning and started praying Hail Mary’s…for no discernable purpose. I literally had no intention, just did it. I thought I would be up all night I was so wide awake, but after about 20 minutes, I simply went back to sleep. As it turns out, this happened at exactly the same time my sister was having her cardiac episode. They receded about 20 minutes after they started and she wasn’t that worried until she went in for her radiation this morning and the docs freaked out. No kidding. I didn’t even remember waking up until she told me the chest pains woke her up from sleep at that same time. Woooo. Makes my hair stand on end. So, whoever sicced the Holy Spirit on me, THANKS! It may have saved a life. Wow.

Our prayer needs for tomorrow are:

  • That we get some answers from all the tests she has to go through, or at least a sense of peace about the lack of answers, which is one of the great burdens of cancer, alas.
  • That the medical tape, electrodes and such that they stick to her tomorrow won’t tear off too much more of her radiated skin (big problem today).
  • That she get a strong sense of meaning/purpose in her suffering. A new convert this past Easter, she has been feeling really guilty and bad about being too tired to finish her rosary at night. In the middle of cancer treatment! She even feels guilty everyone is praying for her.

Anyway, thank you SO much. I will continue to keep you posted.




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