The Journey to the Fullness of the Incarnation Print
Written by Sherry   
Monday, 02 April 2007 07:53
My parish, Holy Apostles, received 41 new Catholics into communion yesterday and will be baptizing 17 more at the Easter Vigil.

Every year for the past twelve years, 150,000 - 160,000 American adults have been received into the Catholic church. So far as I know, that is the largest group of annual adult conversions in the world (with the possible exception of Africa - if anyone has more information, please share it.)

At a gathering in San Francisco with Cardinal Schonborn of Vienna, I remember how astonished he was when the sponsoring parish told him that they received 100 new adult Catholics every year. "A hundred?" he asked three times as though certain that his excellent English was failing him.

Shortly after I was received, Peter Kreeft wrote me a note (in response to a letter I wrote him) congratulating me on my "one month marriage to the fullness of the Incarnation." Although I was received at Christmas rather than Easter, I've always feel a deep identification with others who enter the Church as an adult.

We'd like to hear from those of you in RICA or who have entered the Church as an adult during Holy Week, tell us what is (or was) like for you?

Those of you involved in RCIA or the catechumenate ministry, what is it like to make this journey with those who are entering? How has it affected your relationship with Christ?