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Written by Sherry   
Monday, 21 April 2008 06:02
Missed most of the Yankee Stadium papal Mass and the farewell ceremony.

Cause I was part of a panel of converts telling their story to a nearly 100 person crowd in Colorado Springs. Not all present were Catholic, I was told. I liked and admired all the other panelists.

Did get to meet Paul McCusker, the creator of the Odyssey children's radio drama, who had never told his story before. He was poised and impressive. Paul mentioned that he was startled to receive an e-mail from a total stranger simply stated "I understand that you have become Catholic".

That's when I realized with a start that I was probably the culprit. Not knowing that he had only been Catholic 6 months and had never talked about it publicly, I had blithely blogged about this little upcoming gig and mentioned his name and some evangelical blogs had picked it up and voila! its suddenly public. Paul seemed to be dealing with it fine but was obviously a little disoriented by internet fame. I'll think twice in future when tempted to blog about a new convert whose background is especially noteworthy.

A couple themes:

How differently God works with all of us. There is no paradigm for this journey. One had wrestled with issues of authority. I read all the books but was really propelled into the Church by a series of mystical experiences. There was a couple: he had read his way into the Church while she came from a very tortured background. Both had been involved with New Age and occult movement and so still approach Marian devotion with alot of caution although they accept everything the Church teaches.

But all on a journey of mercy into the heart of God's body on earth. And there is room for all of us, thank God.

A number of the "new Catholics" present were former Episcopalians/Anglicans. One panelist and his wife were displaced by the dramatic divisions with the largest Episcopalian Church in our area which had, until last year, been a booming center of orthodox Anglicanism. He became Catholic, his wife attends with him but doesn't know where her place is anymore. Several people came up and mentioned to me that they had once been Episcopalian themselves.

As am I, although there wasn't enough time for me to mention that little detail of my journey, I have often thought how glad I am to have become Catholic 20 years ago rather than stay and attempt to fight a tortured rear guard action in the TEC.

But I grasped something of their pain.

And it was reminder once again that I am not called to apologetics. When one young man in the room asked the panel an unbelievably detailed question about Aramaic and Greek grammer and its significance for the Biblical foundation of papal primacy, we were all stumped. I was beyond stumped since I haven't even thought about such issues in years.

I think I'll stick to theology.

Much simpler.

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