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Don't Bore Me. Don't Waste My Time. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 05 April 2011 09:47

The brilliant Barbara Nicolosi Harrington has hit another one out of the ballpark with this funny and wise essay on applying the wisdom of Hollywood to preaching and teaching. The catalyst was having to endure a series of memorably awful homilies.

I'm going to send Barbara's essay out to all our teachers immediately. I says what I tried to say in our Teacher training but in a much clearer and comprehensive style. In fact, I need to revise the Teacher training anyway and some of her words of wisdom (with attribution, naturlich!) will be going into it. Here's a few snippets.

"Sadly, many people of religious faith tend to dismiss entertainment as frivolous or exploitive. This is muddled thinking."

"Entertainment" simply refers to the effort to satisfy and engage human nature by appealing to the emotions. We have entertained whenever we have made people feel. Once we have them feeling, we can move them toward caring and thinking."

"Every communication should have what Aristotle called: Logos, pathos, and ethos. That is, there needs to be something for the mind, something for the emotions, and finally, something for the imagination."

"The two biggest rules of Hollywood meetings, and also movies:

Don't bore me.

Don't waste my time."

"Also, a good communication gives the hearers marching orders. If you have successfully summoned up the listener's passions, you will frustrate them if they don't know what to do with what you have told them. Always give the viewers something to do in a message."

Click and read. Download. Apply. Pass it on. Repeat.


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