How Americans See Pope John Paul II Print
Written by Sherry   
Saturday, 30 April 2011 10:27

The Knights of Columbus just issued a poll about American perceptions of Blessed John Paul II. What is particularly striking and useful is that the poll distinquishes between 1) ordinary Americans; 2) Catholic Americans; and 3) practicing Catholic Americans.

What is most impressive to me is the impact that his memory still has on post-modern Americans (76% of which are not Catholic) six years after his death. And how high his approval is among practicing Catholics despite all the public criticism from the left and the far right in recent days.

78% of American admire John Paul II at least somewhat (98% of practicing Catholics)

55% of American admire him a good or great deal (vs. 89% of practicing Catholics).

74% of Americans think he is a good candiate for beatification (vs. 94% of practicing Catholics)

59% of Americans think he was one of the best or the best Pope in history (vs. 87% of practicing Catholics)

40% of Americans saw one of John Paul's televised Masses or events (vs. 71% of practicing Catholics)

46% of Americans watched his funeral on television (vs. 73% of practicing Catholics)

Nearly 40% of Americans say John Paul II made some difference in their spiritual lives (87% of practicing Catholics)