A Postmodern Dilemma Print
Written by Michael Fones   
Sunday, 05 August 2007 08:32
A recent (July 23) survey of 4000 Americans indicates a problem for us that stems from our individualism. While an overwhelming majority of us think of ourselves as well-informed leaders who are loyal and reliable independent thinkers who are making a positive difference in the world, there are apparently SOME of us who are bringing the rest of us down. Of course, because we are individualists and respectful of other's moral views, we aren't going to have the bad taste to actually try to convince them of the destructiveness of their views to themselves or to society!

"Sociologists have good reason to call this the era of hyper-individualism, according to data from a newly released study from The Barna Group. Based on interviews with a nationally representative sample of more than 4000 adults, the self-image of American adults came through loud and clear.

Most Americans think of themselves as leaders (71%) and believe they are well-informed about current events (81%). They almost unanimously view themselves as independent thinkers (95%), and as loyal and reliable people (98%). They also say they are able to easily adapt to changes and a whopping four out of five people believe they are making a positive difference in the world. Two out of three adults noted that they like to be in control of situations.

And while most Americans contend that they are free thinkers who are "very open" to alternative moral views (75%), a huge majority support traditional family values (92%), resulting in a large majority who claim to be concerned about the moral state of the nation (86%). Interestingly, though, only one out of four adults is concerned enough to try to convince other people to change their views on such issues."

I'll have a separate post on the statistic that two out of three adults like to be in control of situations.