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Agia Sophia: Fresh Coffee & Ancient Wisdom PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Saturday, 23 August 2008 11:54
There a new espresso shop in town - or more accurately - in the town next store: Old Colorado City on the west side and the first territorial capital of Colorado.

Agia Sophia is located in the old Victorian town hall and combines really good espresso, great atmosphere, comfy leather couches, tables, free wi-fi, and a very nice collection of books from the deep end of the pan-Christian spectrum.

Agia Sophia is run by our local Orthodox Church in America congregation but the books, while understandably heavy on Orthodox titles, run the spectrum. I also saw Pope John Paul's Theology of the Body, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, a bookshelf dedicated to C.S. Lewis and the Inkings, Richard Foster, who introduced the classic spiritual disciplines of historic Christianity to evangelicalism 30 years ago, Leanne Payne, an Episcopalian deacon with an incredible healing ministry, history, poetry, etc. The staff told me that they were advised in their choice of books by the famous Eight Day bookstore in Kansas. It is no surprise that they carry Touchstone magazine which pretty much sums up the spirit of the place.

Agia Sophia is the closest thing this evangelical city has to the Logos Bookstore that I once worked for in Seattle (and through which I met Mark Shea who volunteered there). That particular Logos was dominated by evangelical titles but intelligent evangelicals titles: Lewis, Inklings as well as Catholic and Orthodox titles. It was no accident that a number of us associated with the store used our reading privileges there as one of our major sources for our journey into the Church.

It is a refreshing initiative and worthy of your support. I"m sorry that we didn't find out about this bookstore in time for Joe to visit it as he would have enjoyed it.

When next in town, why not spend a beautiful sunny Saturday morning in Old Colorado city? Catch 8 am Lauds, Mass, and Benediction at Spanish style Sacred Heart Church, then stroll a few blocks west along Colorado Avenue to the park and lively farmer's market filled with Palisades peaches, chilies, fresh basil and huge buckets of glads. Then continue west through the charming historic shopping area to Agia Sophia on the corner of 29th for a latte and leisurely browse.

I"m glad I did. I'll be back.

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