A Small Miracle in Omaha Print
Written by Sherry   
Monday, 17 August 2009 07:07
I'm back.

Thanks so much for your prayers everyone! They were badly needed. There was a number of minor disasters prior to am on Saturday when the workshop began and I didn't get much sleep cause I didn't have access to the final version of the slides that Fr. Mike had prepared until I reached Omaha and I had some significant prep to do!

I was getting increasingly tense as I rushed around (trying to shovel down an omelet at ramming speed and standing up cause I has used breakfast time to prep but if I didn't get some protein in my system, my blood sugar would crash; struggling with my computer - no emergency calls to my MAC man, Fr. Mike, since he was holed up with his father in a hospital with no cell access and my own cell had died as soon as I reached Omaha - the booktable materials, etc.) I was on my own and shooting up little bleets of "You have to provide, Lord or this is not going to be pretty" as I worked furiously and finished with maybe 30 seconds to spare.

The day was put on by INET, a small group of lay people who have organized and put on formational events for RCIA leaders in the diocese for the past 15 years. My stress level raised a trifle when they told me at dinner the night before that they had had the very top presenters in the field in the past and I didn't recognize a single name! (That's when you know you are really out of the loop!) And I'm sure that the organizers, who were very gracious, were also wondering how this was going to go. After, they had a Dominican priest lined up and ended up at the last minute with this unknown woman. All they knew was that "I worked with Fr. Mike"

But the minute I started speaking, God's presence and provision was abundant. The day went beautifully. The organizers told me over and over "people came up to us all day and said 'this is the best event you have ever put on'. They really liked that fact that I was an RCIA alum myself and I told many stories of my own experiences and those of my friends and many acquaintances who have pass through the RCIA process.

I can't take credit for the content. Almost all was drawn from Fr. Mike's fertile brain and, of course, Making Disciples. But it was one of those days when you just find yourself saying and doing things that far beyond what your cold, calculating brain would come up with. Segments that we have sweated over before (like the kerygma) just flowed effortlessly. The Holy Spirit was doing something much larger and more beautiful than I had to give. God bless all of you who prayed! I often find myself thinking when these sorts of things happen: "Someone out there is praying! This is so beyond me."

And then on Sunday, I was struck down by a 24 hour bug, and slept all the way home on the plane, and then essentially all the rest of the day and all night and now I am up and feeling pretty normal again.

And Fr. Mike's dad is doing much better as well!

I realized afterwards that the fact that I had had one of those creative "brain storms" the week before and had spent several days re-working Making Disciples (which we'll be doing in Omaha in October) was all part of God's providential preparation for the seminar I did not yet know I was going to teach.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Now and Forever.