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Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 13 August 2009 09:32
Bit of the flutter here this morning.

Fr. Mike's dad, Ted, wasn't doing that well last night and for a moment, it looked like I was going to flying out to Omaha today to take Fr. Mike's place at the INET RCIA conference there. I was fertilizing flowers in the backyard early this morning when I got Fr. Mike's call.

He talked me through the basics of his presentation and was e-mailing me his slides. And there was the truly last minute hunt for a plane ticket (or was I going to get to drive to Omaha? I've done it several times before but normally I'd leave at 5 am for such a trip. It was beginning to look like a very long day.) and conversations with the Archdiocese, etc.

This was the ultimate version of the traditional Thursday-before-a-trip conversation with our staff: "Ok, Where am I going, when do I leave, and what are the names of the local leaders? (Rule #1: Always remember where you are this weekend and who you are with! Name of the city, the parish, the pastor, and the major lay leaders and the person who is picking you up at the airport.)

I had just pulled out my suitcase when Fr. Mike called again.

The good news is that Ted Fones is stabilizing nicely (and joking around - a good sign) and so Fr. Mike feels free to go to Omaha as planned. Hurrah! Praise God!

But your continued prayer for Ted Fone's recovery would be most appreciated and helpful! Total hip replacement is no joke at 87!

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